Today, our team at Funding Societies (FS) is proud to announce the launch of Auto-Invest on the FS Singapore platform (Coming soon to Indonesia and Malaysia as well). This will help investors on our platform benefit from automated, algorithm driven investments according to their desired investment criteria.

The auto-invest feature has been devised through gathering FS users’ requirements and numerous alpha as well as beta tests. We are heartened to release this much anticipated feature to all our users. What follows is a quick tutorial on how to leverage Auto Invest.

What is Auto-Invest?

Auto invest is a tool at Funding Societies that automatically invests your available funds into loans on our platform. The selection of loan is based on your investment strategy that you pre-set.

You can configure your investment criteria as well as track the progress of your portfolio in real time. Investors can review, adjust, pause or restart the Auto Invest feature at any time.

How does Auto Invest work?

Investors only need to define their investment criteria and save these settings in order for Auto Invest to get started.

The basic investment criteria for Auto Invest include:

  • A target loan allocation
  • The interest range
  • Loan tenor

When a loan matching your criteria goes up on the platform, the tool will allocate the amount stipulated in your criteria towards that loan. This allocation happens 2 hours before the actual crowdfunding campaign.

You can change these parameters any time you want and the changes will be reflected in your future portfolio accordingly.

Note that if you change your criteria within two hours of the upcoming crowdfunding campaign, we do not guarantee its application to that particular loan. However, it will definitely apply to all subsequent loans.

Will I be notified of my auto-investment? When?

You will be notified of loans going up on our platform, via e-mail. You can login to check how much our auto invest tool has allocated towards each loan.

Show me how to use Auto Invest

You can go to your settings and add new investment criteria for your portfolio.


You can also use our mobile app to add new investment criteria.


The loans invested by our Auto invest tool will be highlighted in blue.


You can save your investment criteria and turn on Auto Invest even if your account holds no funds. Auto Invest will start investing once funds are available in your account.

Auto Invest will not invest if there is zero cash balance in the account.

Can I opt out of loans selected for investment by Auto invest?

Yes. You can also opt-out of that loan if you wish to do so.


Maximize your earnings

As the funds held in your account grow through repayments from the earlier loans you invest in, the account may accumulate a cash balance, which Auto Invest will re-deploy automatically based on your investment criteria. This helps you keep your money working hard, resulting in higher returns on your portfolio.

Next Steps

Please Log In to set your parameters if you would like to automate your investments.

If you are seeing this for the first time, you are here at an opportune moment - we invite you to Sign Up to enjoy this feature as you support our vision of empowering SMEs while earning attractive returns.


For any queries you may have - feel free to reach out to us via chat on the website or email us at